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Welcome to NEC College

Thank you for your interest in our Professional Training Programs in Traditional / Complementary / Alternative Medicine (TM/CAM).  

NEC College offers qualifying educational programs that are specifically designed to provide or improve a personís skills in a recognized occupation. Training programs are approved and recognized federally by HRSDC and tuition is tax deductible. Qualified applicants may be eligible for loans and grants from government agencies.

NEC College is registered under the Charter of the Open International University (No. 98.4560c.) and WHO sanctioned organization: Medicina Alternativa (established in 1962 at Alma-Ata). NEC College is also accredited by the World Board of Natural Medicine, EBNMPô Canada, GOCO and Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.

Full-time training programs run for a duration of 20 hours per week and students are required to attend all scheduled classes.

Upon graduation, Practitioners are eligible to apply to Organizations that offer trademarked designations / titles in advanced education.

If you would like further information please contact us.

Yours Respectfully,

Prof. June A. Kelly
MBBS, DO, NMD (Int.)




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