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General Public Information / Intending Applicants
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minimum Academic Admission Requirement?
The minimum requirement for any of our degree program is having a high school (grade 12) or equivalent diploma and to clear our entrance examinations and tests to insure highest quality of education.

How Long are the NEC Programs?

NEC Canada offers Two (2) Avanced Diploma programs since established.
Diploma of Osteopathic Manual practice program runs for 4 years FT for students with 6 months of Internship and 1 year of Independent practice and 2 ½ years FT for Grade 3 students due to existing medical / health education qualifications requisites but have to fulfill all other criterions. There is also an additional requirement to qualify for Independent practice with the submission / defending of a Thesis before the NEC Canada Committee guided by a Grandparenting clause. The DO(Mp) is 4 years + 1 year Independent of which 6 months needs to be under Grandparent Supervision of an elected professor. 5 years in total.

Doctor / Doctorate of Natural medicine – is 3 years full time with Clinical internship and 6 Months of Independent practice under supervised Mentor ship with a dissertation under approval from the committee of NEC / EBNMP Canada.

PS-Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice as well as NEC Canada Program degrees has recently been granted special recognition by an International University( pending process under review TBA)

What is the Difference between a Osteopath Physician vs Osteopathic Manual Practice?

In USA and Canada “Osteopath or D.O ” refers to American style osteopathic medicine that is another branch of M.D but involves osteopathic manipulations, regular medications and surgery and is strictly regulated by the RCPSC Medical Council in Canada and AOBFP Council of USA. USA has two types of Physicians ie M.D or DO.

Outside of US & Canada, the term “osteopath” refers to a profession that provides only hands-on manual therapy restricted from performing any surgery or prescribing medications related very closely to the Chiropractor profession with the title of Diploma of Osteopathic manual practitioner designation unless one has been awarded a DO by an recognized body.
In Canada one holds oneself as Osteopathic manual practitioner.

New Earth College of Natural Healing Sciences (Canada) offers two degree programs in osteopathic manual practice.Namely D.O(Mp) Diploma in Osteopathic manual practice and upgare / direct entry into a International degree program soon to be introduced under review by the board of an Internationally recognized accredited University for NEC Canada students.

What is the Difference between a N.D vs DNM?

The same difference that exists between a DO & MD in USA!
The EBNMP & NEC Canada are stakeholders of CCNM and we wholeheartedly support each other inspite of our basic differences.

A Canadian N.D is a Government regulated big sister of the same naturopathic community and the DNM which is an abbreviation of the American NMD mostly used for those who practice Traditional Naturopathy like the NMD / DNM.

Another basic difference is an N.D is mainly for students within Canada ,Title property solely of of CCNM and nearly 90% of all EBNMP Canada DNM are foreign trained International medical graduates and not Government regulated at this present moment but have a Canadian internal trade / professional regulatory committee EBNMP Canada and trying to regulate via various mechanisms as well as DNM Canada under EBNMP Canada is accredited by the World board.

DNM look to all N.D with equality / dignity and the N.D treat DNM with same respect.
N.D has more rights and authorities to practice certain medical aspects and DNM practices only traditional natural medicines as deemed under the WHO and UNESCO IAWEP.
A N.D in Canada is entitled to use the Dr. Title before their name and DNM after ones name as a designation of its program but may not use the Dr title at all before their name unless additionally qualified to do so. We have many graduates who hold both N.D & DNM good number of DC-Doctor of chiropractice and few MD’s and American DO’s amongst our graduates.
We support CCNM & CCO ever since 1996 publicly and internally!

What kinds of students can apply to NEC Canada?

There are three categories of students entering NEC Canada.
Category 1: International / Regular students with no prior health education-who will have to complete the prerequisite courses compulsory.
Category 2: International / Regular Students with previous health education / Biology & Basic Science backgrounds, such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, kinesiologists or any allied health care student.
Category 3: Students who possess a Masters / Doctoral level equivalent education such as physiotherapists / physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians and surgeons, and naturopaths / natural medicine practitioners / Herbalists etc and all other categories of health practitioners.
Depending on which category they are, NEC will award credits that allow them to graduate in a shorter time while paying less tuition.
PS: One will have to pass all exams and satisfy all required course electives “no exceptions”.

How much is the tuition?

Tuition for any of our Degree program is approx 9,700 CAD$ ( Generic idea) per year for Full time hands on in classes, A separate compulsory required Internship under one of our instructing professors. Inclusive of all official transcripts / Government validated Degree certificate , Letter of Accreditation , Certificate of Mentorship , Student records. A free year of Alumni membership , Official NEC ID and more…visit student resources Alumni page.

Is There a Tuition Discount For Health Practitioners?

All students who have previous health education receive maximum credit transfers toward their tuition for programs offered by NEC. The exact amount of credit depends on student’s educational background. Please see the Program page to know the exact amount of credits transfered for different categories of students.

Is There a Tuition Discount for Students Who Are on Welfare or Disability?

No, we cannot at this time not offer any such discount to those applicants on social assistance or those who are disabled bieng a Not for Profit Org but in the future we would love to.
However the Ontario government does offer limited amount of financial assistance to qualified applicants to study.

When Do the NEC Programs Start?

All degree programs start twice per year; We accept students twice a year ie Fall and Summer..

Is Financial Help & Student Loans Available?

Students with good credit history may be eligible to receive student loans from the Government of Canada. Please contact your local bank for details such as eligibility requirements, interest rates and applications. Government loans maybe available to students for a degree programs offered by NEC Canada and we will try our best to work with the local banking institutions towards such with help from our co-alliance and banking agencies.

What Programs are Offered?

DNM- Doctorate of Natural medicine & D.O(Mp) -Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice as well as NEC Canada has recently been granted special recognition by a recognized International University accredit NEC Canada to confer full class degree programs TBA soon..

What Employment Opportunities Exist For NEC Graduates?

Upon graduation; DNM/ DOMP osteopathic manual / Natural medicine practitioners have the option of opening their own clinics; or to rent rooms in established medical, assessment, health or rehab clinics in order to benefit from cross referrals; or to work as employees in other osteopathic, naturopathic, natural medicines clinics, medical, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage or rehab clinics and we are working to partner with a established Employment bank to our students benefits.

Most DNM/ DO(MP)work in private clinics as sole proprietor, associate or employee. However, the increase in multidisciplinary health care facilities and physical rehabilitation clinics has opened new opportunities for these allied health care practitioners to collaborate with other health care professionals such as family physicians, massage therapists, naturopaths, athletic therapists, kinesiologists, podiatrists, chiropodists, occupational therapists, ergonomists, & acupuncturists) and benefit patients with inter-professional care.

A small numbers of our DNM / DO (mp) graduates also work in hospitals International nursing homes, health spas, sports teams, insurance companies claims services department, fitness clubs, cruise ship spas, colleges, universities, private schools, motor vehicle accident (MVA) assessment centres and other institutions as well as OPP Ontario Provincial Police and other.
New graduates start their professional work as employees. Later they establish their own private clinics.

NOTE: In Canada NEC is the 2nd only College established to train/ teach/ provide authentic Osteopathy following in the footsteps of the pioneering 1st prestigious Canadian College of Osteopathy offering osteopathic manual practice education as a degree program since 1996 and received its degree granting rights / recognition from the OUICM -Open International University of Complementary Medicines and DNM -Doctor / Doctorate of natural medicines after the N.D profession was established with the CCNM . We are a patriotic Canadian run institution and we look to all our brothers & sisters with equal fairness and non prejudiced awareness for National Interest.

Is NEC Canada Tuition Tax Deductible?

Yes! Students receive a receipt for tuition paid. The cost of books and supplies are also tax deductible in most countries.

Is NEC Canada Osteopathy Program accredited?

Yes!. NEC Canada Osteopathy is accredited by the GOCC General Osteopathic Council of Canada based / built on the platform extending of the world famous GOCC UK since 1996.
And by OOAMA Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association and a nationally accredited International University reviewing NEC Canada programs to award / offer full class Osteopathy degree program.

is NEC Canada DNM Natural medicines Program accredited?

Yes! NEC Canada DNM-Doctor / Doctorate of Natural medicines is accredited by EBNMP Canada as well as WONM -World Organisation of Natural Medicines and several other National / International accrediting bodies. Please visit the Recognition page formore details.

Are NEC Canada graduates eligible to write the board exams?

Graduates are eligible to apply and register for the board exams administered by the Internal NEC Pre Board Registration exams as well as fulfilling all criterias set by GOCC .
Students who wish to practice osteopathy in Canada are eligible to apply and register with the GOCC and EBNMP Canada for Natural Medicines. Students who wish to practice in the province of Ontario (Canada) are eligible to register with our allied not for profit org OOAMA Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association -one of our accrediting bodies for NEC Canada as well.

Passing one of the two board exams mentioned above is required for NEC Canada graduates to be eligible for membership to practice in Ontario, Canada.

Where are the optional practical classes held?

The in week / weekend classes / practical technique are held in our GTA campus (Ontario, Canada). Attendance is mandatory for the students meaning you cannot graduate without attending the classes. In these classes students learn real hands on treatment not possible by some online or distant corrospondence.

Can osteopathic manual therapies or DNM be learned online solely?

NO! Many students write to us with this question in regards to few fly by night clandestine schools operating under the legal loopholes and we at NEC Canada have no such association with such. According to legal medical laws of all countries and as per Government warnings in all countries “No type of medical science specially body arts may not be learned online or correspondence or distant as these are all signs of fraudulent activities however well meant’ and in contravention of medical laws. It is true some subjects and some disciplines are offered via online platform but that is not the same for EX..if you have a Bachelor of Physiotherapy then you can avail a online DPT doctoral degree because one has a solid medical practice foundation established or an MD taking an online course in various disciplines even surgery – but ever heard of an someone became a MD / DO or N.D or DNM solely via online home study course?

Note issued In the public Interest :
” Would you like to get treated by a person who got his / her degree in healthcare online especially in public healthcare interaction setting’?
If you find / come across any such institutions teaching medical subjects related to patients or treating public then it is your duty to report such activities at your earliest to the nearest Law enforcement branch / health fraud department”.-

(Issued in the best interest of our Nation & Citizens)
Best Regards
Prof.(Dr).Anjael Hebron
NEC Canada

Is NEC Canada Programs covered by insurers?

In Canada manual osteopathic treatments / Natural medicines / Naturopathy are covered by most extended health plan insurance providers. We are constantly working with various insurance providers all across Canada and soon we will announce very good news for all graduates!
Since 1996 we have had many Canadian insurance providers cover our students barring a few exceptions which we will disclose to our students and public at a forthecoming convention.
Most Canadian insurance providers are very fair.
in the province of Ontario in Canada all insurers as per Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) must cover manual osteopathic / natural medicine treatments.

Can I use your courses / Programs towards my Continuing Education (CE) required by my regulatory board?

Yes. Most regulatory boards for physiotherapists, massage therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, natural medicines , kinesiologists, homeopaths, medical doctors accept the time you spent studying in NEC Canada programs towards your CE requirement.

I am a student of another osteopathic school. Can I transfer to NEC Canada?

Of course you can! We treat everyone equally and fairly.
Advanced credits may be given for courses completed. You can be from any other educational institution / College/ Country / National or International – we have developed a same treatment format for all.

Does Canadian Government Recognize NEC Canada programs?

Fortunately our Government does honour an federally incorporated Canadian educational institution providing its programs under private post secondary vocational schools since establishment of NEC in 1996 we have had our degree programs classified under various NOC titles.And we are working to improve with further NOC reviews / Classifications.
Besides our beloved Nation,NEC Canada programs are currently under review by few leading Internationally accredited Universities to offer us full class recognition on par with thier degree requirements. TBA

Is NEC Canada recognized by the Canadian Government?

NEC Canada is a Registered Canadian (Ontario) Post Secondary educational College of Natural Healing Sciences for tax credit purposes to all our Canadian / International students. Our Canadian students are eligible to receive Tuition, Education, and Textbook tax credits from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). One may contact the CRA to process the TL11A form.

Note- We request the general public to be very informed about any institution they apply, to check and verify every angle. To write to us with pertinent questions so that we may respond and continue to serve your needs the best.

Best Regards
NEC Canada