Osteopath (OST-III):

Reinforcement and testing the Osteopathic philosophy and methodology while adding valuable skills in Mobilization, Treatment Planning and Clinical Application of General Osteopathic Treatment (Manual Osteopathy).

  • Prerequisite: OMA-I & OMP-II.
  • 800 hrs supervised clinical training & practical teaching.
  • 600 hrs clinical phase and internship.
  • 200 hrs Osteopathy Thesis.

Diploma granted: Osteopath DOMM© (1600 hours)

Please note: This diploma program requires students to attend 30 hours of clinical training and internship every week for 48 weeks and complete a research based thesis.

Course Breakdown

Part 1 – Clinical Osteopathy: Review of Osteopathic History and Philosophy; Central Line of Gravity; Primary Respiratory Mechanism; Osteopathic Tools; Myofascial Technique.

Part 2 – Osteopathic Compendium: Soft Tissue, Mobilization and Adjustive Techniques – Cervical Spine, Cervico-Thoracic Area, Thoracic Spine, Ribs, Lumbar Spine and Pelvis.

Part 3 – Foundations for Osteopathic Medicine: Overview of Evaluation and Management; Regional Examination and Treatment; Palpatory Diagnosis and Manipulative Treatment; Goals and Expectations.

Part 4 – Osteopathy Clinicals: Intern Level II & III – Patient Intake; Design and Execute Treatment Protocols; Perform Documented Supervision of Intern Levels I / II in Conjunction with Professor.

Part 5 – Osteopathy Thesis: Related research on experience gained with patients and while supervising interns.

Reading Materials

  • Foundations for Osteopathic Medicine by Robert C. Ward. Publisher: Williams & Wilkins. ISBN-13: 978-0683087925.