Natural Medicine Practice 4 – Traditional Medicine (NMP-4): This program is designed for duly qualified practitioners with previous / International Foriegn trained Medical Graduates of any fields of training who wish to become competent in traditional medicine practice. Graduates of this program will have comprehensive knowledge of TM/CAM and will be able to assess the health of their clients and provide appropriate treatment for both curative and preventative healthcare.

  • Prerequisite: NHM-I -II-III or Equivalent credits transfer
  • 500 hrs classroom theory & practical teaching – Documented / validated Course
  • 300 hrs mentorship / externship (incl. 10 hrs final clinical exam).
  • 300 hrs documented case studies & synopsis.
  • 800 hrs workbooks, email lectures, independent study, home assignments and written examination.

Diploma granted: Natural Medicine NECNHS NMP4  (1900 hours total training) Please note: This diploma program requires students to attend 15 hours of lectures in-class and complete approximately 15 hours of homework every week via Distance/ Virtual / Online platform for 60 weeks comprised of email lectures, independent study and home assignments in addition to mentorship hours.

Course Name:Key Components:
AT: Alternative TherapyTheory & Principles, Holistic Health, Lifestyle Management, Energy Systems, Protocols
NT: Nutritional TherapyNutritional Symptomatology, Botanicals, Holistic Diet, Clinical Nutrition, Supplementation
Medical Terminology, Physical Dysfunction & Disorders, Therapeutic Modalities & Techniques, Safety & Legal issues, Health Records
NH: Natural Health AssistantMedical Terminology, Health Records, Infection Control, Patient Interaction, Nutritional Support, Strategies, Skills & Concepts for Health Support
Disclaimer: NEW EARTH COLLEGE OF NATURAL HEALING SCIENCES Academic Diploma Program is not responsible for any accrediting Titles and practice certification marks by any boards of natural medicine or associations in Canada. Anyone with questions should directly contact the individual Registration Boards concerned.